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By Ben Wright on June 06, 2017
As a time constrained DMO, you may turn to apps like Tripadvisor and Yelp to help visitors find restaurants, attractions, and accommodations in your community. But are these apps really invested in telling your community's story and giving visitors the best experience?
Categories: "Best Practices", "Marketing & Lead Generation", Tourism
By Lindsay Williams on May 23, 2017
Over the last 25 years, the United States has suffered through recessions and soared through income booms. Which US States and Counties have seen an income boom, and which are falling behind?
Categories: "Business Development & Project Management", "Research & Data"
By Ben Wright on April 18, 2017
Digital trends are changing the way DMOs think, act, and operate. We talked with Rebecca Engum, Executive Director of Great Falls, MT Tourism about how their DMO measures progress and the impact she has seen through their digital efforts.
Categories: "Best Practices", "Performance & Analytics", Tourism
By Lindsay Williams on April 06, 2017
We interviewed Suzie Bell, Director of Marketing for Rockwall Economic Development Corporation about why she chose to become a Certified Digital Economic Developer and how learning digital skills has helped Suzie and her organization succeed in the digital space.
Categories: "Digital EDU"
By Polo Willman on March 23, 2017
Now that technology can track when people are on your website, how long they visited, what they did, and even who they are, the prospecting game has greatly changed. If EDOs want to successfully compete online, it’s something they need to adopt. What is the best way to follow up with your digitally sourced leads?
Categories: "Best Practices", "Business Development & Project Management", "Research & Data"
By Lindsay Williams on March 01, 2017
We talked with Jeremy Cayton, Director of Marketing & Communications of NCEast Alliance about his experience becoming certified through our Digital EDU training program and how it not only helped his organization successfully compete online, but sky-rocketed his own professional development.
Categories: "Digital EDU"
By Lindsay Williams on February 07, 2017
Now that you know some of the great benefits blogging can bring to your economic development organization, you may be wondering where to start. 
Categories: "Best Practices"
By Lindsay Williams on January 25, 2017
Whether your EDO has a blog or not, it is important to learn how blogs can positively impact your marketing efforts. Here are 6 reasons why blogging can be very beneficial for your organization.
Categories: "Marketing & Lead Generation", Websites
By Lindsay Williams on January 11, 2017
Your GIS system should be more than just a map - what are the eight components that make a GIS tool world class? How does your GIS tool compare?
Categories: "Best Practices", "Business Development & Project Management", "Site Selection & Real Estate"
By Lindsay Williams on December 14, 2016
Learning new technologies and digital skills can be an intimidating venture. What are the biggest technology challenges that economic developers face and how can they overcome them?
Categories: "Best Practices", "Business Development & Project Management", "Research & Data", Websites
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