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Certified Digital Economic Developers & Organizations

Since 2015, Community Systems has certified the following organizations and economic developers in digital economic development through the Digital Economic Development University training program.


Certified Digital Economic Development Organizations

California Association for Local Economic Development; Charleston County Economic Development; Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce; Cheatham Connect; City of Anderson, South Carolina; City of Colleyville; City of Fitchburg; City of Germantown; City of Strongsville; Clarke County Economic Development; Clarksville-Montgomery County; Fairborn Development Corporation; Great Plains Development Authority; Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce; Henry County Development Authority; HTL Advantage; Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association; Loudon County Economic Development; Midland Tomorrow; Nassau County; New Mexico Economic Development Department; Roanoke Regional Partnership; Rockwall Economic Development Corporation; Siskiyou Economic Development Council; StrategyOne; Tennessee Valley Authority; Tulare County Economic Development Corporation; Tullahoma Area Economic Development Corporation; Wayne County Chamber; Wayne County, North Carolina

Certified Digital Economic Development Executives

Suzie Bell, Winston Brooks, Leah Brown, Becky Dantic, Joyce Frey, Michelle Levasseur, Duane Lavery, Marie Lisco, James Matthews, Carlie Moe, Jensen Moore, Kelly Murphy-Redd, Dianne Nunez, Brent Painter, Daryl Phillips, Rena Purdy, Janel Ranly, Ashley Richardson, C. Thomas Robinson, Paul Saldana, Helen Schaubmayer, Karen Shexnayder, Sean Smith, Ndem Tazoh Tazifor, Emily Thomas, Brian Tinsman, Alex Wilson, Andy Young, Michael Zimmerman


Certified Digital Economic Development Marketers

Jodi Barnard, Jocelyn Boyer, Jennifer Busby, Jeremy Cayton, Carrie Cousins, Dwayne Dalman, Stacy Davis, Shireen Farr, Mia Farstad, Diana Goss, Melissa Halsell, Caitlin Hancock, Dan Havener, Harland Henry, Theo Holtwijk, Rachana Kothari, Greg Lowe, Theresa Mangrum, Jacqueline Melendez, Frank Miramontes, Kelly Rinehart, Taitia Shelow, Michael Stewart  


Certified Digital Economic Development Business Developers

Jennifer Busby, Dwayne Dalman, Karin Ford, Pedro Garcia, Katherine Hayes, Daryl Phillips, Ernie Prukner, Alex Wilson


Certified Digital Economic Development Researchers

Lee Boggs, Renee Brecht, Dan Havener, Kristen Hernstrom, Stradd Herrera, Patrick Hurley, Joe Riley, Kelly Rinehart